Expert Clients

Soulaima Gourani


Soulaima Gourani is a motivational speaker and philanthropist with approximately 200 public talks/year around the world. She is an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking and change management and employee motivation and future of business. In 2016 Soulaima was appointed by TED Talks as a mentor to the speakers. 

Dr. Carolina Castaños


Dr. Castaños is a bilingual, award-winning Marriage and Family Therapist with 20 years of experience and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is world-renowned for helping couples, families, and individuals heal from past wounds, and guide them to establish safe, deeply connected relationships. 

Madeline Familia


Madeline Famila is the CEO and Founder of New York City-based public relations firm, Creative Voices PR.  As a marketing/communications expert, Madeline has provided insights on how brands can target millennials. Madeline also writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, pop culture, the business of Fashion, social issues and more. Her work has been published in HuffPost, NBC, USA Today, Swaay, INC., and much more....

Jesmane Boggenpoel


Jesmane Boggenpoel is an experienced business executive and a former Head of Business Engagement for Africa at the World  Economic Forum in Switzerland. She has served on the boards of various  South African and international organizations. She is a Chartered  Accountant (South Africa)  and holds a Master’s degree from Harvard  University’s JFK School of Government. Jesmane was honoured as a Young  Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and is a Harvard Mason fellow.

Professor DeRose


Since 1960 Prof. DeRose has taught and defended a lifestyle that values well-being, strength, power, civility and culture. In the 2007, he began to develop the DeRose Method, a system of techniques and concepts with the purpose of improving the practitioner's level of high performance and quality of life. The DeRose Method teaches individuals how to live in high performance by pursuing brain, emotions and body mastery through techniques (breathing, body awareness and physical health, relaxation, concentration, meditation) and concepts (mental attitude, ability to cope with pressure, behavioral and emotional management, relational skills and management, stress management and good nourishment).

Gustavo Oliveira


Gustavo Oliveira, Gus, is the creator of the  “The Entrepreneurial Mind” course. Gus is an Engineer with a Masters in  Marketing and a teacher of the DeROSE Method. He is also a Board Member  of the Global DeROSE Network and is a prolific entrepreneur running 5  businesses. For the past 12 years Gustavo has  specialized in two things: how to be a successful entrepreneur and how  to teach others to do the same. His experience has taken him all over  the world, he has lectured and taught thousands of students in New York,  Paris, London, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo.